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$250,000,000 Winter Film Capital Opportunity Fund, Inc.

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The Winter Film Capital Opportunity Fund, Inc. will fund major themed projects and will develop or significantly enhance real estate in qualified opportunity zone areas. Jacksonville sits on the northeast coast of Florida and makes up the great part of Duval County. It has areas with incredible people ready for real community revitalization. Revitalization means meaningful economic growth and excitement. What it includes is nice quality affordable homes, good food places close by, a job and/or business that pays well, beautification and family entertainment. The fund plans to participate in projects that will help spur lasting vitalization.

Jacksonville use to be a film town in the 1920s. Duval County has great weather, unmatched location and a massive land area. It has bridges, rivers, lakes and miles of white sand beaches. It was called the Winter Film Capital because big cinema executives from New York could not get enough of the warm winter weather. The city is no longer a major film town. It is a town looking to grow. The opportunity zone areas have low-income properties with high potential. Crime in any town can be driven down with economic growth. The projects that we have targeted will be lucrative for investors while making some incredible and creative developments that will complement the local area.

We will create multiuse developments in addition to making high quality coveted rehabs of commercial and residential real estate. The multiuse developments will all have a 1920s cinema theme, a cooling water feature, commercial and residential lofts. They will also be outfitted with solar panels, LED lights and other energy saving features. The residential and business lofts will range from very affordable to luxury. There will also be a food component to each development. Food trucks and other food vendors will be built into the projects. This will eliminate the food desert reality in those areas. We have over thirty food truck vendors that have responded positively to us setting up affordable food truck spaces. Many people that live in these opportunity zones will operate food trucks in the area. This will inspire others in the area to create businesses and jobs in the food industry - knowing that they can make a decent living with their own food truck business. In addition, cold storage units will be built into the multiuse properties to assist food trucks and other businesses. Cold storage will also be a revenue generator for the properties as well.

The Fund’s multiuse entertainment complex projects include cutting edge movie sets that can be used to shoot high quality motion pictures, television scenes and news events. Filmmakers and movie studios will covet these high quality movie sets with executives wanting to hang in Florida and shoot their next big film. These state of the art sets will be revenue generators well into the future. Other uses will include independent film viewings and small entertainment events.

Any child living near and far can come and wade through a water feature while choosing to have a meal from one of the food vendors on the property. During the hottest days, this relaxing area will also be used as a cooling center and meeting place for the elderly. There will be no charge to enjoy the water feature component to the entertainment centers.


The Winter Film Capital Opportunity Zone will use Technical Assistance Facilities. The Fund will aggressively and strategically invest in qualified starts-ups and local zone businesses. For example, the Fund will partner with and build local media capacity to develop a robust marketing platform for artists, organizations and online retail businesses.

The Fund will truly be a Winter Film Capital Opportunity Zone Fund. An exciting project we plan to help fund is a potentially lucrative motion picture. The Winter Film Capital Opportunity Fund will invest in a motion picture business that will be located in the opportunity zone area. A major motion picture film will be made that will employ people that live in the opportunity zone areas as actors, laborers, film crew, editors, writers and production staff. The registered script (“Bessie Coleman Flying the Blues”) includes Jacksonville as an important part of the story. This major independent film is about the life of pioneering aviator Bessie Coleman. When Jacksonville was the Winter Film Capital of the movie industry, Norman Studios communicated with Bessie about doing a film. Bessie died in Jacksonville, Florida at the Paxon Airfield in 1926 and did not get to star in the film. The studio still made the movie and called it The Flying Ace. The Paxon airfield, where she tragically fell out of the plane to her death, is now the location of one the top academic high schools in the country – and it sits in one of the opportunity zones. Bessie’s story is of a genius child that grew up and made history. The film that is similar to this story is entitled, Hidden Figures. That film was made with a $25 million budget and grossed over $236 million at the box office. While independent films are high risk, they are also high reward investments. Equally, this film will have a major impact in a number of ways. It will create jobs, make history in cinema and actively utilize the multiuse entertainment center properties located in the opportunity zone areas. It can also create millionaires if it were to receive just half the reception of Hidden Figures.


We are using an aggressive tax benefit to create community revitalization that is both lucrative for investors and economically meaningful to the people who live in the Opportunity Zones. We believe our projects will increase the quality of life in these areas. The saying, “Build it and they will come” seems to be challenged by some when it comes to economically depressed areas. We know that in our hometown of Jax, Florida, Stanton and Paxon are both elite high schools that are both in distressed areas. People come from all over the city to transport their children to and from those schools. We believe that high quality projects will be remarkable additions that will bring up the value of close by properties. We can do all that we have planned without displacing residents.