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Winter Film Capital works to find investor financing for real estate projects. Conventional bank loans do not fit with so many business scenarios. Funds like ours connect with investor groups and other funds that have millions of dollars to provide capital to businesses and investors making communities more beautiful. We assist investors in wealth-building real estate projects.



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Modern Kitchen


Single Family - Multifamily - Commercial


Making Communities Beautiful

   Buy, Rehab, Sell or Hold Funding

* Not Based on Credit

* Based on Assets and Profit Potential

* Experience Rehabbing and Building Properties

We work with groups of investors with millions of dollars to lend for beatification and wealth-building real estate projects. 

Fill out the form below to find out if your real estate project or refinancing fits with the criteria our partners are looking to fund. The Fund along with the investors charge fees to fund projects and are looking to make a return on their investment.

Some states do not allow lending-based funding. Some of those states are as follows: Vermont, Oregon, Idaho, Utah, North Dakota, Minnesota, Nevada, South Dakota, Utah, Arizona, California, North Carolina, New York and New Jersey

The Fund works with Scholar Resource Academy, LLC

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Non-Owner Occupied Single Family Residential (1-4 Units)

Investment Purpose:

Acquisition, Cash-Out, Refinance, Rehab 90% Purchase; 100% Rehab Not To Exceed 65% Loan To Value; Cash-Out Refi 50%

Rates: 8%-15%

Term: 6-24 Months

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Beatification and Wealth-Building Real Estate Projects

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