Expert & Community Support

The Fund, with the help of various high level partnerships, will execute a process of support that will be a key to success.

Technical Assistance Facilities is a mechanism for making experts available to provide on-demand strategic and technical support to businesses. Opportunity Zone Businesses that the Fund invests in will go through a TAF process, which will:  
• Assist companies to support capacity building and to help scope out potential investment opportunities

• Grant funds to businesses through a competitive process

• Identify additional resources to finance the business needs from public and private sources

• Prepare reports and surveys necessary to request financial assistance to develop businesses • Prepare applications for Agency financial assistance

• Improve the management, including financial management, related to the operation of the business

• Promote sustainable job creation, and encourage private-sector led growth during a time of transition or start up

• Also provide Viability Gap Funding support, which is designed to make projects that are economically viable over the long term, commercially viable for investors 

TAF Slide Diagram.jpg

TAF Services & Fees

Project Manager ($5K)   

Admin ($3K) 

CPA ($2.5K) 

Lawyer ($5K)

Marketing Advisor ($2.5K)  

Fee Range: $10,500 - $18,000

Depends on Services Needed

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Aggressive Expert Strategies to Provide Positive Returns for Opportunity Zones and Investors  
The spirit of the Opportunity Zone Fund is to improve economically distressed areas while benefiting investors. The Winter Film Capital Opportunity Fund plans to be strategic and holistic in it approach. This will include taking an evidence-based and aggressive plan to invest in and build the local small business structure, capacity and funding. The Fund originator is from the Opportunity Zones that the Fund will target. Those zones have a history of governmental and business sector neglect since the consolidation of the surrounding cities into one during the late 1960s. Those areas needing revitalization resemble formerly colonized countries. Many countries that have experienced long-term structural and economic issues have benefited from expert organizational support in by way of Technical Assistance Facilities (TAF). We will deploy TAF in a way that will greatly benefit the established zones and investors alike.